Upruit Sampler Box

Can't decide which you like best? The chocolate cherry notes of Montmorency Cherry or the bright and refreshing tang of Tangerine + Himalayan Salt?

Experience the best of both worlds! Our Upruit Sampler delivers 4 cans of Montmorency Cherry and 4 cans of Tangerine + Himalayan Salt. 


Tart Cherry Sparkling coffee combines the sweet and mild flavor of Costa Rica coffee beans with real Montmorency tart cherry juice and a dash of pink salt. This fizzy wonder finishes with notes of chocolate and cherry. 

ORIGIN - Costa Rica La Minita
CAFFEINE - 110mg
COLOR - Burgundy
AROMA - Rich in dried fruit aromas such as prunes and cherries evolving towards cocoa and coffee.
- Nicely balanced with tart cherry and hints of chocolate that finishes with lightly sweet coffee note.


Upruit Tangerine & Himalayan Salt combines medium roast beans from Papa New Guinea that are cold brewed and with fresh tangerine juice and Himalayan pink salt for a caffeinated beverage that replenishes essential minerals and electrolytes.

ORIGIN - Papua New Guinea
CAFFEINE - 110mg
COLOR - Deep Amber
AROMA - Floral with a charge of orange peel and zest.
TASTING NOTES - Hints of chocolate and fragrant notes of citrus, tangerine, and cocoa. 

  • 1 can equals an 8oz cup of coffee
  • Serve Cold
  • Case of 9