If you were exploring Jackson Hole in 2016 and made it to the top of Cody Peak, you may have come across something surprising: a lemonade stand high up in the mountains, serving a curious new drink to intrepid skiers. Following the call of adventure, this was how I decided to introduce upruit to the world on our family ski trip.

As a coffee lover with an adventurous spirit, I had long dreamed of a way to take the ubiquitous drink to new heights, to revolutionize its flavor without sacrificing any of its pick-me-up ability or essential purity. Rather than a concoction with an ingredients list longer than my ski pole, I wanted something as simple and natural as the backcountry trails. I devoted myself to chasing this dream and spent months holed up in my Brooklyn apartment experimenting with many varieties of coffee and fruit juices. 

Finally, I had found what I was searching for: a carbonated drink that combined the refreshing tanginess of real lemonade with the smooth, bold flavor of cold brew coffee. But my creation was not yet complete. In a burst of clarity, I added a dash of Himalayan salt and a splash of organic maple syrup. Eureka! Tart and sweet, with notes of dark chocolate perfectly balanced with a hint of salt, it went down like a fizzy dream…and just in time for our annual ski trip!

upruit combines real, cold-pressed fruit juices with organic/Reach Trade cold brew coffee. It replenishes electrolytes and key minerals and delivers a boost from the naturally occurring caffeine. upruit will be a perfect companion for your next adventure, or an adventure in your ordinary day. 

Born on the mountains, raised in the city: don’t settle for the familiar. 


- Mache